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Meet the team


We are always looking for more volunteers! Are you a patron and interested in going that extra mile to promote transatlanticism among your peers? Email us at Info@Atlantic-Forum.com

Joseph Hammond

Coordinator Young Journalist Program

Joseph coordinates one of our incubator projects: The Young Journalist Program. Allowing young journalists to attend high level events such as #NATOEngages, Munich Security Council and NATO PA Sessions.

Debora Tolentino Grossi

Asst. Director Academy

As Assistant Director Debora is Jelle Jochem's right and left hand, with a dedicated focus on the High School Program.

Jelle Jochem Duits

Director Academy

Jelle Jochem is the Director of our Academy. Focussing on the creation of our simulation and trainings, managing the trainers pool and coordinating our High School Program pilot.

Megan Gisclon

Editor Atlantic Forum
E-mailadres: Atlantica@Atlantic-Forum.com

As editor of Atlantica, Megan is responsible for our own magazine. Check out https://atlantic-forum.com/atlantica-views !

Raluca Andreea Manea

Community Manager
E-mailadres: Info@Atlantic-Forum.com

As Community Manager Raluca is focussing on Atlantic Forum's social media presence, as well as our Strategic Communication Campaigns.

Dr Igor Merheim-Eyre

Director for External Relations

One of the founders of Atlantic Forum, Igor is mostly focussng on working with partner organizations and finding new opportunties for young professionals to get involved.

Capt. John Jacobs

E-mailadres: g.l.j.jacobs@gmail.com

One of the founders of Atlantic Forum, John is occupied with running the day to day affairs of Atlantic Forum